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Pour le moment, ce site fonctionne comme une bibliothèque où j’archive mes différents travaux, écrits, photos et vidéos.

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Suite de mon journal

12 septembre 2015

How do you cut through? What’s the power inside you that makes you do it? How can you drop one piece and keep the other? What about the fallen one? What about the forgotten ones? How could you describe your actions? Tearing appart this world of yours, playing with your toys, making this one live and that one die. Just one string and the whole universe on it, bouncing from one side to another, never really sure about the next step and somehow still on the move. Then a blow, a whistle, a gentle wave, and it will all crash. Everything that you know flushing right down, down, down, breaking the glasses of dilusions. Emptiness, the sweet silence of the void. The universe and yourself, face to face at last, and a smile. Dear Lord, how much we cried and how much we laughed. Completely drunk under the ocean, breathing the water deeply. Get loud now, nobody’s listenning. Then dive in the night, grab a star and fly. Laid up under the cosy pillow of my dreams, I shot the earth with burning tears, spit on that glorious nature that forced me living, forced me leaving. What can’t I? What? What can’t I? Gorgeous heavens, open the doors, I’ve been knocking all my life, nobody’s answered. How come? I didn’t ask for the fires of hell, thus far only reaching it with my toe. Break me appart. Cut me through. There was, is and will be nothing. An empty bottle floating on the sea, with no message in it. Spread the void.

23 septembre 2015

Je suis trop occupé à regarder le monde pour faire quoi que ce soit. L’accomplissement, est-ce une nécessité ? Pourquoi je ne resterais pas planté là, à vous regarder mourir et vivre. Ne peut-on se contenter d’un film qui défile ? Et je serai celui qui rit quand vous riez, qui pleure quand vous pleurez, qui meure quand vous mourez. N’arrêtez pas la bande. N’arrêtez pas la bande… Mon Dieu, n’arrêtez pas la bande !

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